With a FerryPay agreement, you can easily pay for full price journeys with most ferries in Norway without having to receive an invoice

If you do not have an AyutoPASS-tag or an AutoPASS for ferry prepaid agreement, you can now avoid receiving a full price invoice and an invoice fee after every full price ferry journey.

Register your vehicle with FerryPay today and pay for your full price ferry journeys with a credit- or debet card.

Please note that FerryPay is not an AutoPASS for ferry agreement. You will not receive an invoice nor any discounts, but pay full price for every ferry journey. the FerryPay works on all ferry connections included in the AutoPASS for ferry solution. Click here to see all the included ferry connections. Moss – Horten (Bastø-Fosen) is not included.

What is FerryPay?

  • FerryPay is a simple ferry payment solution for vehicles without an AutoPASS tag or AutoPASS for ferry prepaid account.
  • By registering a debit or credit card in the agreement, a full-price ticket will automatically be charged to your card when boarding a ferry. Thus, you avoid receiving an invoice, including invoice fee, for each ferry journey, saving you both time and money.
  • You can add and remove as many vehicles as you wish in the agreement, including vehicles you do not own but wish to pay ferry journeys for.
  • For each vehicle you add, you can select a start date, and an end date for when you no longer wish to pay for the vehicle’s ferry journeys. The start date cannot be further back than 2 days.
  • The vehicle’s registration number is automatically read when boarding the ferry and linked to your FerryPay agreement. For information about ticket prices on individual ferry connections, click here.


The benefits:

  • You can drive straight onto the ferry and receive your receipt directly by e-mail.
  • You avoid receiving an invoice, including invoice fee, by mail from the ferry operator, and avoid a reminder fee should you forget or not have the opportunity to pay an invoice on time.
  • You can easily forward receipts from your e-mail to, for example, an employer.
  • By logging in to My Page, you can:
    – Change which payment card you wish to use in your agreement
    – Add and remove vehicles in the agreement
    – Choose how long you want a vehicle to be active in the agreement
    – Download your receipts
    – See a full overview of ferry journeys including time, place, ferry connection and price.


To register with FerryPay, click here