Privacy Protection Statement AutoPASS for ferry.

Skyttel AS

Skyttel AS carries out the collection for AutoPASS for ferry on behalf The Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Skyttel AS have signed a data processing agreement with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration according to EU General Data Protection Regulations which were introduced in the summer of 2018.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is the controller.

Registered information

To send an invoice, we gather information about the owner of the vehicle. If you have an agreement with AutoPASS for ferry, and is deducted through your AutoPASS tag or your ferry card, we will use your provided information.

We register payments, payment history, invoice history and information connected to customer inquiry, to be able to make the collection efficient. In order to give the correct price on the transaction, we register time, place, lenght of vehicle and tag number, or ferry card number in conjuction to a crossing.

Inquiry by phone (phone number to and from, plus time and length of call) is logged in our phone system, delivered by Zisson. This log is necessary for administration and operations of the system, and is used as a basis for statictics.

Microsoft Office 365 is used as the e-mail platform. The customer serivce center use Pureservice, delivered by Syscom AS for the case management system. Inquiries by e-mail or through the contact form on the web page to the customer service center is saved and handled in this system.

We advise you that regular e-mail is not encrypted. We therefore incourage you to not send any confidential or sensitive information by e-mail.

Deletion of information.

If there is no longer a factual reason to have passes still personally identifiable, the system will automatically make passes older than 104 days anonymous.

As a registered customer you have the right to know what information we have saved on your account, and you have the right to request to have the information extradited or deleted. The deletion of information presupposes that there is no conflict to other legislation, for example the law of accounting.


When visiting our webpage, session cookies store your personal data for a short period of time. The session cookie is saved anonymous, and encrypted to a file that contains a referance to your visit. This referance contains data and is deleted after 2 hours.

The purpose of the cookie, is among other things to improve your user experience and content. The cookie gives us an insight in the utility model of our visitors, as well as how many people have visited our page.

We use the following data processors:

  • Google analytics
  • Azure application insight
  • Payment solution: Nets Netaxept

You can easily opt out from the use of cookies by changing your browser’s security settings, or at anytime delete cookies from your browser.

Securing personal data

Access to personal information is only given to essential employees involved in tasks that require the information. All the empolyes have signed confidentiality agreements. All of our systems are controlled with an individual ID and password, all changes and actions are tracable.

Extradition of personal data to others

When extraditing personal data to collaborators and subcontractors, Skyttel AS creates a data processing agreement to ensure that data is not used for any other purposes than what is included in the agreement.


We may need to update the Privacy Policy in due time. When developing our systems, or do to a change in the regulations of handeling personal data, changes may occur in the information given here. Any and all changes will be updated to this site.