Prepayment agreement – receive a 40-50% discount on your ferry journeys

Register your tag in the AutoPASS for a ferry prepayment agreement.

The AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement is an additional agreement for those with an AutoPASS approved tag in their vehicle.

The agreement includes journeys on most of the country’s ferry connections; see current connections here. Exceptions to the scheme are some ferry connections in Trøndelag and the connection between Moss-Horten on Bastø Fosen.

How does it work?
When you create an AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement and pay an advance amount, you get an AutoPASS ferry account. Your tag is automatically read when you drive onto the ferry, and payment, including a discount, is deducted from the sum in your account. For electric vehicles, the discount you receive from your prepayment agreement applies in addition to the existing electric vehicle discount.

Information about ferry journeys you have paid for with your prepayment agreement can be found on My Page in your AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement.

When creating a prepayment agreement, you can choose to receive a ferry card for use on ferries that are part of the AutoPASS for ferry scheme but do not accept tags as a payment solution. Discounts with a ferry card are the same as with a tag.

The prepayment agreement gives you the following discounts on ferry journeys:

• 50% discount for private customers

• 40% discount for business customers

Create AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement

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