Free travel on selected ferries

In the revised state budget for 2022, the Norwegian government has set aside NOK 59 million for free travel on ferry connections that had less than 100,000 passengers in 2019. This means that from 1 July 2022, several ferry connections became free to use. However, as it was up to the individual county municipalities to distribute the use of funds between their own ferry connections, it means that some did not become free despite low passenger numbers.

From 16 August 2023, more ferry connections will be free of charge.

Below is a list of connections that have been confirmed for free travel. If your ferry connection is not on the list, it is not currently approved. We will update the list continuously.


Connection Routes
Abelnes – Andabeløy All routes
Launes – Kvellandstrand (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes


Currently no approved free ferry connections

Møre og Romsdal

Connection Routes
Arasvika – Hennset All routes
Aukra – Hollingsholmen (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Brattvåg – Dryna (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Edøya – Sandvika (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Festøya – Hundeidvika All routes
Larsnes – Åram – Voksa – Kvamsøya All routes except Larsnes – Åram t/r
Molde – Sekken All routes
Småge – Orta – Finnøya – Sandøya – Ona All routes
Solholmen – Mordalsvågen (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Standal – Trandal – Sæbø – Skår – Store Kalvøy All routes
Sæbø – Leknes All routes


Connection Routes
Bodø – Værøy – Røst – Moskenes All routes except Bodø – Moskenes t/r
Brønnøysund – Sauren/Stortorgnes All routes
Digermulen – Finnvik All routes
Festvåg – Misten (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Forøy – Ågskardet (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Horn – Igerøy All routes
Horn – Andalsvåg (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Igerøy – Tjøtta All routes
Jektvik – Kilboghamn All routes
Mosjøen – Hundåla All routes
Nesna – Nesnaøyene All routes
Nordnesøy – Kilboghamn (Rødyøysambandet) All routes
Sandnessjøen – Dønna – Løkta (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Solfjellsjøen – Vandve All routes
Stokkvågen – Træna All routes
Stokkvågen – Onøy – Sleneset – Lovund All routes
Sund – Horsdal – Sørarnøy All routes
Svolvær – Skrova – Skutvik All routes
Søvik – Austbø – Herøy – Brasøy (Søvik – Herøy free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Tjøtta – Forvik All routes
Ørnes – Vassdalsvik – Meløysund – Bolga – Støtt All routes


Currently no approved free ferry connections


Connection Routes
Finnøyferjen (fra 28.09.22) All routes
Haugesund – Utsira* All routes
Hjelmeland – Skipavik – Nesvik All routes except Hjelmeland – Nesvik t/r
Mekjarvik – Kvitsøy (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Ryfylkeferjen (fra 28.09.22) All routes
Vassøysambandet* (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes

Vestfold og Telemark

Currently no approved free ferry connections

Troms og Finnmark

Connection Routes
Bellvik – Vengsøy All routes
Hansnes – Karlsøy – Vannøy All routes
Hansnes – Reinøy All routes
Mikkelvik – Bromnes All routes
Nyvoll – Korsfjord All routes
Rotsund – Havnnes – Uløybukt All routes
Stornes – Bjørnerå (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Storstein – Nikkeby – Lauksundskaret All routes
Strømsnes – Kjerringholmen All routes
Øksfjord – Bergsfjord – Sør-Tverrfjord All routes
Øksfjord – Tverrfjord All routes
Øksfjord – Hasvik All routes


Connection Routes
Borgan – Ramstadlandet* All routes
Eidshaug – Gjerdinga* All routes
Dypfest – Tarva* All routes
Dyrøy – Gjæsingen – Sørburøy – Sauøya – Halten* All routes
Garten – Storfosna – Leksa – Værnes* All routes
Garten – Storfosna* All routes
Levanger – Hokstad* (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Skei – Gutvik All routes
Sula – Mausund – Dyrøy* All routes
Ølhammeren – Seierstad (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes


Connection Routes
Askvoll – Gjervik – Fure – Værlandet All routes except Askvoll – Fure t/r
Barmen – Barmsund All routes
Daløy – Haldorsneset All routes
Fedje – Sævrøy All routes
Fjelberg – Sydnes – Utbjoa All routes
Gjermundshamn – Varaldsøy – Årsnes All routes except Gjermundshamn – Årsnes t/r
Hisarøy – Mjånes All routes
Husavik – Sandvikvåg All routes
Jektevik – Nordhuglo – Hodnanes All routes except Jektevik – Hodnanes t/r
Kinsarvik – Utne All routes
Klokkarvik – Lerøy – Bjelkarøy – Hjellestad All routes
Krokeide – Hufthamar (Free from 16.08.2023) All routes
Masfjordnes – Duesund All routes
Måløy – Husevågøy – Oldeide All routes except Måløy – Oldeide t/r
Rysjedalsvika – Rutledal – Krakhella All routes


Currently no approved free ferry connections

*not a part of the AutoPASS for Ferry cooperation